Fairwind 展览

Baha Mar

Fairwind 展览呈现了从 19 世纪初至今超过 150 年间的巴哈马艺术。展览作品来自众多艺术家,包括布伦特·马龙 (Brent Malone)、阿莫斯·弗格森 (Amos Ferguson)、麦克斯韦·泰勒 (Maxwell Taylor)、肯德尔·汉娜 (Kendal Hanna)、斯坦·伯恩赛德 (Stan Burnside)、杰克逊·伯恩赛德 (Jackson Burnside)、苏·贝内特-威廉姆斯 (Sue Bennett-Williams)、安东尼斯·罗伯特 (Antonius Robert)、林恩·帕罗蒂 (Lynn Parotti)、约翰·考克斯 (John Cox)、迪翁·本杰明-史密斯 (Dionne Benjamin-Smith)、约翰·比德尔 (John Beadle),以及许许多多受到巴哈马启发的国际艺术家。许多展览作品收录于道恩·戴维斯藏品系列 (The Dawn Davies Collection),该收藏汇集历代与当代作品,意义深远,其中大部分藏品更是绝无仅有。Fairwind 展览结合绘画、雕塑和摄影作品,反映了过去与现在的重要故事,参观者能由此更好地了解巴哈马。

科亚·波提艾 (Khia Poitier)
索菲亚·怀特黑德 (Sophia Whitehead)
罗兰·罗斯 (Roland Rose)
罗兰·罗斯 (Roland Rose)
埃里克·库斯沃夫 (Erik Kruthoff)
德尔顿·巴雷特 (Delton Barrett)
里卡多·诺尔斯 (Ricardo Knowles)
杰沃·斯威比 (Gio Swaby)
梅丽莎·阿尔塞纳 (Melissa Alcena)
肯德尔·汉娜 (Kendal Hanna)
约翰·比德尔 (John Beadle)
斯坦·伯恩赛德 (Stan Burnside)



道恩·戴维斯 (Dawn Davies)

Dawn Davies was born in Nassau, New Providence, to a Scottish father and a Bahamian mother. She attended St Andrew’s School in Nassau and the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, later earning an MBA from the University of Miami, Florida. She pursued a career in the financial services sector in The Bahamas.

Davies is a passionate supporter and collector of Bahamian art and over the years has put together an extensive collection. In 2012, she published a comprehensive book, titled Love & Responsibility – The Dawn Davies Collection, to celebrate Bahamian art as seen through her collection. The book acts as a catalogue of cultural currency, an important tool in documenting Bahamian culture and history. Volume 2 is currently in process. Additionally, in 2014, she published TABLESCAPES Just for Fun, which offered an insight into her home and garden and the pleasure to be derived from curating tables and settings with objects found in one’s cupboards and garden.

Very much interested in the creative community, Davies was a thirteen-year member of the Board of The Harry Moore Scholarship Committee, and is currently on the Board of the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas and the Charitable Arts Foundation. Her interests and memberships include the Bahamas National Trust, B.R.E.E.F., the Nassau Garden Club, the International Garden Club, the Bahamas Historical Society and the Nassau Music Society.

We are pleased to have been loaned selected artworks from Davies’ collection to aid in telling the story of Bahamian art and culture. Her collection has fueled the Fairwind Exhibition with works that give us insight into the precious identity of The Bahamas.

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